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Steve Lyons - July 15, 2020

Health Journey

I’ve struggled with weight my entire life. I was diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and high blood pressure in the 1990s, and have battled this ever since. I have had times where I have lost weight and worked to control the disease, and other times where I let it go. My A1C number has fluctuated between 6 or 7 on the low end and over 10 on the higher end. That is terrible control and asking for trouble.

In May, 2019, weighing in at 291 pounds and feeling like I wouldn’t make it much longer — I embarked on a journey to improve my health. From that time to today, I have lost 80 pounds, stopped taking ALL of my diabetes medicines (I was on 4 at one point), and my A1C number was recently tested at 5.3. At this level, people are not considered diabetic and my doctor calls it “diet controlled diabetes”.

With the responsibilities that come with caregiving, I must remain healthy. That “obstacle” has driven me to improve myself in this past year, and it goes beyond just health. More details will be shared in the blog section, but for now just know that this journey I am on has improved me greatly and I will continue to progress. I found a few pictures to show the progression of my journey below. Hopefully this will encourage others to take their own health seriously. The improvements in my health have allowed me to do so much more.

I still have more to lose, still must continue to improve. Stay tuned to the blog for updates.

Links and Recommendations

Below are some links to websites, podcasts, and other items of interest to me. These are go to sites for inspiration and learning. I will be periodically updating this page. Also, check out the book recommendations page for some of the books that have helped me on my journey.


The Tim Ferriss Show – Blog and podcast. This has become a favorite as there is a range of guests on his podcast, which is my primary method of consuming his material. The more I listen, the more I enjoy it.

Peter Attia, MD – If you like to get into the weeds on medical issues, this is a very good site and podcast. I am a subscriber to this site as it gives you access to the detailed notes for each of the podcasts. He gets very deep on some of the shows and it helps to access the notes. Even then, some of it is over my head.

Dr. Mark Hyman podcast – I mainly just listen to his podcasts and haven’t spent much time on his site. This link is to the podcast page but you can find him on whatever podcast program you use.

Daily Stoic – You can sign up here for a daily email which is a short email with some inspirational content. You can also listen to this in podcast form if preferred. The daily podcasts are typically just 2 – 4 minutes long and are the same as the material in the email. On weekends there is a full length podcast. This site is from Ryan Holiday, author of “The Obstacle is the Way”.

The Daily Coach – I first heard George Raveling on the Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic podcast, then listened to 2 podcasts from Tim Ferriss where he was the guest. He is an inspiration. You can sign up for his daily email or click on the social media links if you prefer to interact that way. This guy is amazing.

More to come…