About Us

My name is Steve Lyons and my journey as a family caregiver began in 2013. That was the year my wife Kay went through a series of events that left her disabled and unable to fully care for herself.  Since that time, we have learned about supplies, resources, and where to go for help.  This site is intended to aide others in need of the same types of information and resources. We have grown over these years, and you can to.  

The blog section will contain posts from the perspective of the caregiver as well as the one receiving care.  It is important that we understand each other so we can continue to grow stronger together regardless of any obstacles that life throws us. I also will share my experiences with my quest for health in this blog. I need to stick around in this life for a while so I can provide the help that Kay needs – I will share the details of my ongoing journey with you. I want this to be an interactive site.  Stay tuned as we grow and check back often for new content. 

The quote at the top of the page, “Be strong for them, and it will make you stronger” is from Ryan Holiday in the book “The Obstacle is the Way”. I highly recommend that you read this book as it will help you on your journey as well.