Typical Dinner

Food as Medicine

I’ve been listening to Dr. Mark Hyman’s podcasts for awhile, and have read a few of his books. One of the phrases I hear over and over is “food as medicine”. A couple of weeks ago Kay had her first appointment with the functional medicine practitioner who recommended she look into the Wahls Protocol Dr. Terry Wahls, MD. Dr. Wahls developed this diet regimen in response to her own declining health due to MS, and achieved phenomenal results. Is it possible that this “food as medicine” approach can work for Kay? We are going to give it a try.

Kay has a number of ailments, and we don’t expect to cure everything. However, as Kay’s ability to do the simplest tasks has continued to decline, we are jumping fully into this new regimen in hopes of curing a few of her problems, key among them:

  • Chronic pain. Kay suffers from fibromyalgia and severe erosive osteoarthritis which is extremely painful and limits her ability to do many simple tasks.
  • Brain fog. Possibly a result of all the medicines she takes, but also could be due to some of the foods she has been eating.
  • Incontinence.
  • Other issues too numerous to get into.

Dietary changes

We purchased the Wahls Protocol book as well as the accompanying cookbook and began the journey. Some of the more difficult aspects of the diet are giving up dairy, grains, and processed sugar. We have to eat a lot of vegetables, some fruit, meats (including organ meat and wild caught fish) to follow this diet, but within the first week we can already tell a difference in the brain fog.


Organ Meats? Really?

I hate liver, or at least I did. In the past couple of weeks I have purchased lamb liver from a local farmer and cooked it up in the pan. Since Kay has not been won over on the liver, I also purchased some lamb hearts from the same farmer. Seriously, the hearts are excellent — like a lean steak. The key to the organ meats is the abundance of nutrients. The liver is full of vitamins and minerals and if you cook it right, tastes pretty good too.

Labm Liver
Lamb liver, collard greens, and brussel sprouts

Typical Day

Living a “food as medicine” lifestyle is not easy. Doing so takes preparation and work, but as I get more accustomed to it, the work is getting a bit easier. The biggest key is planning ahead of time.

Breakfast: Bacon, mushrooms, and either some greens or smoothie. Kay also adds fruit from the local area. (I am still sticking to the keto version of this diet so limit my fruit to a few berries a day).

Lunch: Salad full of greens and other veggies, fruit for Kay, and some sort of meat that was likely left over from the night before.

Dinner: Lots of veggies such as collards, brussel sprouts, broccoli, bok choy, depending on what is on hand, and meat or fish (including organ meats 1 – 2 days per week).

Check out Dr. Wahls’ website and book, especially if you need to start using food as medicine. We are trying new foods and enjoying it so far. I will post updates on our status every couple of weeks.