The Oregon Trail

In June 2014 our house in Georgia sold and the move to Oregon became a reality. Thankfully my company took care of all the moving and we were able to fly to Oregon instead of making the cross-country drive

We had not yet found a house in Oregon and ended up staying at the Residence Inn for a month and a half. As you can imagine, with Kay in her condition we had some challenges to overcome. I was now the sole caregiver. We were 2,600 miles from our former home, Kay had a colostomy and could barely walk with her walker and required the wheelchair for any distance over about 50 feet. But we went about the task at hand and learned to deal with it.

If you find yourself in a position such as ours, there are some key things you must do to ensure you have all your medical needs met:

  • Set up a mail box at a UPS store or similar. This is especially required if you do not already have a permanent address where you are going. Kay’s colostomy supplies were shipped to us and we had to have a way to get those supplies.
  • Ask your doctors for refills to cover you for several months. It can take time to find and get appointments with new doctors and you don’t want to run out of your meds during this time. It helps if your insurance allows 3 month prescriptions.
  • Make sure you have supplies and medicines with you when you do move. You don’t need to be searching for these immediately upon arriving in your new hometown.

We took care of each of these which helped us get by until we were settled into our home. First, we found a primary care doctor. Pain medication was another urgent need for Kay. Those prescriptions are usually only given for 1 month at a time so finding a pain clinic was high on our priority. Thankfully, I had help from people at work in finding a primary care doctor quickly who was able to refer Kay to a local pain clinic.

We finally moved into our home on September 5, 2014 after spending a month and a half at the Residence Inn. The staff of the hotel were very nice and helpful, and the property was fine but we were ready to get settled in our new home.

This month will mark 6 years in Oregon. Kay has had some successes and some setbacks since we have been here. Thankfully, the medical care she is getting has been top notch. We have both learned quite a lot in these past 6 years. Some of those lessons will be in future posts.

Feel free to post your comments and suggestions below. If you have questions that is the best way to ask them at this point.